@thomas This is incredible, what is the tongue made of?!

@the_geometrist Congrats Becky! I really like both of them.

@thomas Ok it's done. I'm going to tag my prototype onto the subway somewhere, but I'll make more this week.

@thomas my sticker guru in production had to "work on a client project" or something so this project is delayed. i hate being the only person here with their priorities in order

I'm trying to make stickers of this at work today

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Marking this as sensitive for non-pos-vibes. Articles like this piss me off so much. I get he's trying to say that digital surveillance has happened slowly over time as social media presence has increased but... don't pretend like people wanting to share cat photos with their friends online has anything to do with dystopian face-recognition cameras in cities or tracking cookies following people all over the internet to better serve them ads. Don't victim blame people.

@the_geometrist @thomas MD feels much smaller and more manageable to me, but I suppose that could also have something to do with my frame of mind vs. the last time I played HR. I'm also realizing these first levels I've played have been during the day, and I'm having trouble remembering any HR level that isn't at dusk or in full darkness, so that may have something to do with it as well. I know people were not as into the story but so far it seems fine!

@the_geometrist Oh man this is bad. Any time I read something like this it comes off as very directed at millenials, like "Oh you snowflakes want to livestream your Coachellas but you don't want to live in a panopticon? Typical."

The video @thomas posted in Wire yesterday reminded me of this other GMTK video, which goes into the size and scale of open worlds through the lens of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I just started playing it and much prefer this world to Human Revolution.


heatwave log, stardate 072019: our feline crew has melted completely. we are careful not to disturb the puddles, until a solution to the current crisis is found.

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Pos vibe: literally nothing can make me leave this air conditioned room today.

I'm really excited to spend the next few days setting up a new space for myself. Ridding myself of excess things and cable management are restorative and meditative acts.

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