Good progress on the game. Initially slow going trying to hunt down some bugs, but things picked up with some worldbuilding brainstorming! Behold how horrible my item grid is right now.

Started again working on the game that I've been trying to make for years. Scrapped the whole concept of setting it in a city - too complex and inorganic and so it sent scope through the window. Setting it in a forest/nature setting is cliche but reduces scope a whole lot. I'm hoping that with some good worldbuilding it will still feel unique and different though. Progress is going to be slow and I'm kind of scared to even post this! But stay tuned for more here if anyone is interested.

Getting this sticker professionally printed! No clue what I'm gonna do with them yet but probably sell them somewhere, who knows!

Crazy news, I got accepted into the show! I created this companion piece. "Unseen" and "Seen". I emailed the companion piece to them to see if they want another submission.

Just gonna tell myself, if I don't get selected for the show, it's no big deal. I need to keep applying to a lot of these! Anyway, I produced a piece and submitted it to a show in one day, so that's something to be proud of!

This morning I'm working on a piece that I'm considering submitting to a group show! I haven't submitted any artwork in over a year to anything so we will see if I chicken out.

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@the_geometrist Oh man this is bad. Any time I read something like this it comes off as very directed at millenials, like "Oh you snowflakes want to livestream your Coachellas but you don't want to live in a panopticon? Typical."

Marking this as sensitive for non-pos-vibes. Articles like this piss me off so much. I get he's trying to say that digital surveillance has happened slowly over time as social media presence has increased but... don't pretend like people wanting to share cat photos with their friends online has anything to do with dystopian face-recognition cameras in cities or tracking cookies following people all over the internet to better serve them ads. Don't victim blame people.

Had a nightmare that I ran out of Prismacolor Col-erase colored pencils.

just did a pass of making this app a little nicer, let me know if you see any issues!

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